A helpful guide enabling you to make a decision for on-site or off-site delivery.

We always encourage in person delivery.  This will allow you to physically inspect your vehicle and ensure we are all on the same page. We are happy to provide hotel and meal accommodations for out of state buyers as part of the Audi Atlanta experience. For times when this is not feasible, please see our out of state shipping guide below.
Let your car buying story include a fabulous trip to Atlanta with a stay at a 5-star hotel and dinner on us! 
We're pleased to accommodate out of state buyers with a visit you won't forget. We'll assist with transportation from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to our dealership. Spend a few moments with us finalizing your purchase and head into town in your fabulous new car!
A night at InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta
Enjoy southern hospitality at its finest for a night at The InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta, located on Atlanta's world famous Peachtree Rd. Freshen up and head to dinner. 
Dinner at a Fifth-Group Restaurant
Enjoy award winning cuisine at one of the Fifth Group Restaurants, also on us! Select from some of Atlanta's finest menus at La Travola, Lure, South City Kitchen, Ecco, Alma Cocina or El Taco.
Enjoy Atlanta!
Before you head out of town on your maiden road trip, check out some of the art, entertainment, and dynamic culture Atlanta offers.  Our city is packed with great things from performing arts to professional sports including the Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Botanical Gardens and The High Museum of Art.
Out of State Shipping Guide
Knowing how the shipping process works and understanding the risks will help you determine if shipping your car is right for you.  This information will help minimize frustrations and insure there are no surprises.

Will my car be safe?
Most likely, yes. 95% of the moves we encounter are absolutely hassle-free with vehicles delivered as and when expected. However, it's possible for a car traveling on a carrier to receive a rock chip, scratch or dent. It is important to realize that the transporter is responsible for any damage during transport and issues will need to be resolved between you and the transporter, not the dealership.  For this reason, many of our clients prefer to select their own vehicle shipping company based on online reviews and BBB ratings to screen and establish a relationship with them. Many websites also offer our clients the ability to price compare.

When will my car arrive?
Pickup and delivery dates are good estimates but not guarantees. A vehicle can generally be picked up from the dealership within in 3 - 5 days but not before all necessary documents and funds are received by the dealership. If you are east of the Mississippi, expect another 2 - 4 days for travel time. Things like weather, traffic, the number of hours a truck driver is allowed to drive each day, and mechanical issues can impact timing once your car is en route. While you may be eager to get your new car, a little patience may be needed while you wait.

What kind of services are available?
Open Carrier is the most common method of vehicle transportation. It is the same type you see delivering new cars to dealerships. Enclosed Carriers are often used for exotic cars. These prevent the cars from being damaged by weather and road elements. Having a car transported in an enclosed carrier will cost up to double what the open carrier costs.  Some of our Audi Sport clients select this option. Door-to-door is highly recommended. This means that once your vehicle is loaded onto a truck, it stays on that truck until it is delivered. Your car will not be unloaded at a terminal or holding facility. The driver will come as close to your door as is safely possible, so be prepared to meet in a predetermined parking lot if you live on a steep windy mountain road.

Vehicle Inspection at Delivery
We cannot stress this enough: be present when your vehicle is delivered. You will perform an inspection of the vehicle and record any damages on the bill of lading. Both you and the driver need to sign this document. Comparing the pickup condition report to the delivery condition report will determine if any damage occurred during transport. If damage did occur during transport, both condition reports will be key to working through the system to ensure that your claim is processed properly.