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  • Gerry Martel
    General Manager

    Gerry is originally from Gilford, New Hampshire and has lived all over the country including Texas, Massachusetts, and California. He joined Audi Atlanta in 2011. Gerry started out in the automotive business washing cars during high school, and his love of Audis has been growing ever since. His favorite car is an Audi RS 5.

  • Jerry Kimbrough
    Service Director

    Jerry is originally from Woodson, Arkansas and graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1988. He has been with the Jim Ellis Family since 1993 and joined Audi Atlanta in 2007. As our Service Director, Jerry oversees the technical shop and manages the department's employees including our porters, courtesy vehicle drivers, and technicians. He enjoys spending quality time with his four boys and tinkering with classic cars. Jerry's favorite car is the 2018 Audi A7.

  • David Fillingim
    Parts Director

    David is a Georgia native who was born and raised in Decatur. He has over 40 years of experience working in the automotive industry and has been with Audi since 1980. David works as the Director of our Parts Department and uses his four decades of skill to oversee our parts inventory, while also managing our parts employees. He always goes above and beyond to ensure that our shelves are fully stocked, and is constantly looking for new ways to grow and expand our business. David is a true outdoorsman who loves to spend his time enjoying nature and deer hunting. His favorite car is a 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda.

  • Louis Long
    General Sales Manager

    Louis was born and raised in Troy, Michigan and has been a member of the Audi Family since 2011. He moved to Atlanta and joined our dealership in 2013. Louis started out as one of our dedicated Audi Brand Specialists and now oversees and manages our Sales Department. He enjoys playing golf, boating, and wake surfing. Louis' favorite car is a Pagani Zonda R.

  • Lee Andreica
    Finance Director

    Lee is originally from Cluj, Transylvania and has been working in the automotive industry since 2008. He joined Audi Atlanta in 2016. As a member of our Finance Department, Lee gives his absolute best to ensure that each client is as happy as possible while he facilitates between them and the banks. He is a family man who loves to laugh and lives life to the fullest by making the best out of any situation. Lee's favorite car is the Audi S7.

  • Victoria McCartney
    New Car Sales Manager

    Victoria is originally from New York and grew up in Long Island. She has been with Audi Atlanta since 2016. Victoria is always looking to satiate her curious mind and enjoys studying both law and business. She also spent a few years working in the fashion industry before coming to Atlanta. Her favorite car is Marilyn Monroe's famous 1956 Ford Thunderbird.

  • Pete Kusminsky
    Pre-owned Sales Manager

    Pete is originally from Hudson, New York and has been working in the automotive business since 2014. He joined Audi Atlanta in as an Audi Brand Specialists and now oversees and manages our entire fleet of used vehicles. He loves to make people laugh with his fantastic sense of humor and is a huge professional football fan who proudly cheers on the Carolina Panthers. His favorite car is the Audi S5.

  • Travis Shapira
    Pre-owned Sales Manager

    Travis is originally from Maine and has worked with Audi since 2008. He joined our dealership in 2014. Travis initially started his career as an Audi Master Technician before joining the Audi Atlanta Sales Team. He now oversees our fleet of used vehicles and manages the buying and trading of our pre-owned inventory. Travis is an accomplished pilot and a certified flight instructor. His favorite car is an Audi RS 6 Avant.

  • Jaelin Redfearn
    Sales Manager

  • Erica Dailey
    Marketing Director

    Erica is originally from Connecticut and has exclusively and enthusiastically been a proud Audi driver since 1994. She joined Audi Atlanta in 2005 as an Audi Brand Specialist and was recognized multiple times as a top Audi Brand Specialists on a national level and was also named Audi Atlanta's Salesperson of the Year in 2007, 2008, and 2009. She now oversees marketing and administrative processes. Her favorite car is her daily driver, a manual Audi S4.

  • Rosanne Hallisey
    Executive Assistant

    Rosanne is originally from North Carolina and has been with Audi Atlanta since 2013. She supports our Vice President and General Manager and puts together the various community events that take place throughout the year. Rosanne is often referred to as the "mother" of our dealership because she is continually looking after and helping others in need. She and her husband, Tim, are the proud parents of one daughter, Emily, who is studying to become an engineer. Rosanne loves to play tennis whenever she can and is the most spirited and vivacious Alabama Crimson Tide football fan you will ever meet. Her favorite car is the Audi Q5. 

  • Patrick Wolff
    Finance Manager

    Patrick is originally from Germany and has been with our Audi Family since 2004. He assists clients with the financial aspects of purchasing a vehicle and offers protection for their investment through Audi warranties. Patrick loves to travel the world and has been to many exciting destinations such as Vietnam, the Ivory Coast, Gabon, Brazil, and Russia. He also speaks five languages including English, German, French, Russian, and Hungarian. Patrick's favorite car is an Audi TTS.

  • Quintin Jagor
    Finance Manager

    Quintin was raised in the Atlanta area and has been with Audi Atlanta since 2013. As a member of our Finance Team, he works to keep the dealership's financial processes running smoothly by securing loan approvals and ensuring that information is managed correctly. Quintin and his wife have been married since 2014. He is a true car enthusiast, loves to play golf in his spare time, and enjoys riding his Yamaha R6 motorcycle. Quintin's favorite car is constantly changing; however, he does favor the Audi Sport models.

  • Danny Mac
    Finance Manager

  • Ryan Asmer
    Finance Manager

    Ryan was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and later raised in Suwanee. He joined Audi Atlanta in 2017. Ryan and his wife are the proud parents of two delightful children. He loves to spend quality time with his family and enjoys cheering on the Atlanta Falcons. Ryan's favorite car is the Audi Q8.

  • Gunter Reichert
    Senior Audi Brand Specialist

    Gunter is originally from Germany and has been with the Jim Ellis Family since 1999. He joined Audi Atlanta in 2010. Gunter combines his many years of experience with his true automotive passion to ensure that his clients are as happy as possible. He has been married to his beautiful wife since 2013 and enjoys sharing his love of German vehicles with his two sons. Gunter's favorite car is the 2018 Audi S6.

  • Audrey Brazier
    Lease Maturity Sales Manager

    Audrey grew up on the beach of New Jersey and has been with Audi Atlanta since 2012. Audrey is the loving mother of two daughters, one stepdaughter, and two stepsons. She enjoys playing tennis and has been exclusively driving Audis for over 20 years. Her favorite car is the Audi R8.

  • Cortlin Howard
    Internet Sales Manager

    Cortlin is originally from Orlando, Florida and has lived in the Atlanta area since 2003. She has been a member of the Audi Family since 2012. She loves to spend her free time outdoors, and especially enjoys hiking with her two dogs, Ava and Paco. Cortlin is also a proud mother. Her favorite car is an Audi S4.

  • George Katergaris
    Audi Sport Ambassador

    George is from Fort Lauderdale, FL and moved to Atlanta in 2007. He has been with Audi Atlanta since 2013. Along with his daily duties as a member of our Sales Team, George also specializes in Audi Sport Vehicles and assists clients who are looking to purchase one of our higher end models. He is an enthusiastic Florida Gators fan, enjoys playing hockey, and loves to participate in fantasy football leagues. George's favorite car is the 2018 Audi R8.

  • Davian Quinn
    Senior Audi Brand Specialist/Internet Sales Manager

    Davian is a Georgia native, raised in Fayetteville. He has been a member of the Audi Sales Team since 2013 and currently works as one of our Internet Sales Managers. Davian prides himself on his ability to find the right vehicle that perfectly satisfies his customers' every need and want. In his free time, Davian enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two daughters. His favorite car is the Audi Q7.

  • Alex Noh
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Bernardo Ibarra
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Tiana Chichester
    Internet Sales Manager

  • Diana Dragidella
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Arthur Pigford
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Lewis Temple
    Internet Sales Manager

  • Brian Spaner
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Brian is originally from West Nyack New York.  He moved to Atlanta in 1992 to attend Georgia Institute of Technology.  After graduation he spent over twenty years as a Financial Advisor and retired from J.P. Morgan in 2019.  After a two year hiatus he joined Audi Atlanta in 2021. Growing up in NY Brian's first introduction to speed was racing BMX.  He enjoys running, yoga, hiking, and is an avid fan of Formula one.  Brian is married to Suzanne and he has four children.  His favorite car was his 1990 midnight blue YJ Jeep Wrangler.

  • Micah Wright
    Internet Sales Manager

  • Julian Mesika
    Internet Sales Manager

  • Lisa Taylor
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Jeff Brueske
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Brayan Morales
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Nick Porter
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Casey Graber
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Tony Zrnic
    Audi Brand Specialist
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  • Claudette Reynolds
    Director of First Impressions

    Claudette is originally from Kingston, Jamaica and she has been an integral part of our Audi team since 2014. Known as our "Director of First Impressions," Claudette runs the dealership's front desk and acts as the first voice and face to welcome clients as they walk through our door. She also redirects incoming phone calls and takes care of any additional needs that a customer may have. Claudette is a proud Miami sports fan and a passionate music lover. She enjoys singing, listening to light jazz, and attending live concerts. Claudette's favorite car is the Audi A6.

  • Whitney Wilson

  • Chris Lam
    Sales Assistant

  • Spencer Jordan
    Sales Assistant

  • Sebastian Cruz
    Sales Valet

  • Carolina Strong
    Office Manager

  • Lisa Grubb
    Tag & Title Coordinator

    Lisa is originally from Piedmont, Alabama and has lived in Georgia since 1983. She joined Audi Atlanta in 2015. Lisa manages and processes the tags and titles for every client who comes through the dealership, including those for wholesale and loaner vehicles. Lisa recently celebrated her 35th anniversary with her husband and loves to spend time with her family while boating at the lake. Her favorite car is the 2018 Audi S5 Cabriolet.

  • Rosa Stevenson
    Tag & Title Assistant

    Rosa was born in Massachusetts and moved to Atlanta in 1993. She has been with our dealership since 2017. As the right hand of our Tag and Title Office, Rosa keeps the department well-organized and makes sure that every customer correctly receives their license plate. On the weekends, Rosa loves to feel the wind in her hair while riding with her husband on the back of their Harley motorcycle. Her favorite car is a convertible Mercedes S-Class.

  • Rachel Paquin
    Billing Clerk

  • Stephanie Morris
    Client Communications Manager

  • Jim Rosser
    Service Manager

  • Matthew Hunter
    Service Lane Manager

    Matt grew up in Snellville, Georgia and currently lives in Suwannee with his young son. He has been working in the automotive business since 2006 and joined Audi Atlanta in 2015. Matt works hard to maintain the high standards of the Jim Ellis Group and provides his clients with expert advice on vehicle services, such as brake evaluation and battery tune-ups. He is a tremendous car enthusiast who enjoys spending his free time riding his motorcycle and relaxing outdoors while fishing. Matt's favorite car is a GMC Duramax Denali.

  • Chris Lee
    Senior Audi Service Advisor

    Chris was born in Edenton, North Carolina and has been living in Atlanta since 1988. He joined Audi Atlanta in 2003. As a senior member of our Service Department, Chris uses his many years of expert experience to advise our clients and provide them with the proper amount of attention and efficiency that they deserve. Chris is married to his high-school sweetheart, and together they have three beautiful children. He is a die-hard college football fan and enthusiastically supports the Georgia Bulldogs. Chris' favorite car is a 1967 Mustang Shelby GT 500; however, he does have a special place in his heart for the 1994 Honda Civic.

  • Oscar Leguizamo
    Audi Service Advisor

    Oscar was originally born in Oceanside, California and later grew up with his family here in Atlanta. He has been with Audi Atlanta since 2011. Oscar works with our clients in the Service Department and provides them with expert advice on the best parts and procedures to help maintain their vehicle. He is an avid German car enthusiast with a sincere passion for both VW and Audi vehicles. Oscar loves to stay healthy and work out in his free time, and he is a big supporter of the Atlanta Falcons. His favorite car is the Audi B8 S4.

  • K.C. Ansley
    Audi Service Advisor

  • Andrew Clark
    Audi Service Advisor

  • Justin Jackson
    Audi Service Advisor

  • Ryan Waggoner
    Audi Service Advisor

    Ryan was born and raised in Indiana. He joined Audi Atlanta in 2011 as a technician and began assisting customers with service as an advisor in 2021.  Whether he is shredding the slopes on his snowboard or flipping through the air on a wake board, Ryan loves to fill his life to the brim with excitement and adventure. His favorite car is the Audi RS 7.

  • Jonathan Kaldes
    Audi Service Advisor

    Jonathan grew up in Johns Creek, Georgia and has been working in the automotive business since 2013. He joined Audi Atlanta in 2016 as a Quick Lube Technician and Audi Assist Driver and now assists clients as a Service Advisor. Jonathan is a spirited motor enthusiast who loves to take his M3 through winding mountain roads and on long highway drives during the weekends. His favorite car is the European 2015 Audi RS 6.

  • Matt Webb
    Audi Service Advisor

  • Shariff Russell
    Audi Service Advisor

  • Sabrina Rosado
    Service BDC Manager

  • Andrea Drinkard
    Audi Service Coordinator

    Andrea grew up in Marietta, Georgia and attended both the University of Georgia and Kennesaw State University. She has been with Audi Atlanta since 2013. Andrea is a liaison between our customers and the Service Department who works to schedule appointments and arrange alternate client transportation. Since 2014, she has volunteered at McKenna Farms and the Chastain Horse Park, where she assists those with various disabilities through therapeutic horseback riding. Andrea's favorite car is the Audi RS 5.

  • LaShayna Lee
    Audi Service Coordinator

  • Kenisha Wilson
    Audi Service Coordinator

  • Alyssa McLean
    Service Cashier

  • Jason Dancy
    Mobility Manager

    Jason was born in Abbeville, Louisiana and grew up in Las Vegas. He has been in the automotive industry since 2015 and worked with Jim Ellis Hyundai before starting with Audi Atlanta in 2018. Jason is a die-hard Saints fan and enjoys the occasional escape from the routine of daily life with a soothing cruise to the Bahamas or Caribbean Islands. He is also, in his own words, "infatuated" with gold jewelry and loves the thrill of searching for new pieces to add to his collection. Jason's favorite car is a 2018 Porsche Macan GTS.

  • Darrien Dean
    Mobility Coordinator

  • Ben Acree
    Mobility Strategist

    Ben joined our Audi Service Department in 2018. He and his wife, Adria, have been happily married since 2004, and together they love spending time as a family and teaching their young daughter, Lucy, how to cook. However, Ben might want to take a few lessons himself before passing on his culinary skills considering he once put a pizza in the oven completely upside down. Outside of their kitchen, he and his wife like to try and experience as many new cuisines and cultures as possible. Ben's favorite car is the Audi RS 5.

  • Derwin Brown
    Mobility Coordinator

  • Paul Johnson
    Logistics Manager

    Paul grew up right here in Atlanta, Georgia and has been working in the automotive industry since 1994. He joined Audi Atlanta in 2009. Paul works with any of our service clients who may find it difficult to take the time out of their busy routines to schedule their vehicle's regular maintenance. He goes above and beyond to assist these clients and provides them with a true VIP experience as he personally picks up their vehicle, delivers it to the dealership for service, and promptly returns it. Paul is a devoted family man who has been married to his wonderful wife for over 20 years. He is an avid sports fanatic and enthusiastically supports his beloved Green Bay Packers. Paul's favorite car is a Bentley.

  • Patrick Ellievi
    Service Valet

    Patrick is originally from Ghana and has been living in Atlanta since 2003. He joined Audi Atlanta in 2006. Patrick welcomes each of our service clients with a warm smile as they pull into the Service Drive. He then takes the customer's vehicle to one of our expert Audi Technicians and returns their car once service has been completed. Patrick treats everyone he meets with kindness and always goes above and beyond to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied. He is an active sports fan and especially loves to watch live soccer matches. Patrick's favorite car is a 2017 Audi A5.

  • Brooke Girma

  • Eric Lane
    New Car Inventory Manager

    Eric is originally from Troy, Alabama and later moved to Georgia when he was 14-years-old. He has been with Audi Atlanta since 2008. Eric oversees the extensive pre-delivery inspections for all of the new Audis that arrive at our dealership. He also transports vehicles for special dealership events and ensures that all of the cars in our showroom are always looking their best. Before joining our Audi Team, Eric spent one year living in Hawaii. He loves to tinker with computers and is happily married to his wonderful wife, Rachael, whom he met right here at our dealership. Eric's favorite car is the 2017 Audi RS 7.

  • Vickie Kijanski
    Warranty Administrator

    Vickie is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and has been living in Georgia since 2000. She joined Audi Atlanta in 2013. Vickie is a dedicated member of our Audi Team and works as an administrator in the Warranty Office. She processes our warranty claims and also ensures that each of our technicians is properly paid on time. For the past few years, Vickie has been a passionate "soccer mom" for her three sons and proudly supports each of their teams, both on and off the field. She is a devoted Volkswagen enthusiast and has been exclusively driving VW models for over 12 years. It should come as no surprise then that her favorite car is, in fact, a Volkswagen.

  • Megan McWhirter
    Warranty Administrator

  • Philip Anipong
    Shop Attendant

    Philip was born and raised in Ghana. He has been living in Atlanta since 2011 and joined our Audi Team in 2014. Philip works with our Service Department and ensures that every inch of our shop is properly cleaned and attended to. Thanks to his dedication and hard work, our Service Shop is kept in pristine condition and extremely well-maintained. Philip is a tremendous sports fan who enjoys cheering on the Atlanta United and the Falcons. He greets everyone he sees with a sincere smile and is always eager to meet new and exciting people. Philip's favorite car is an Infiniti.

  • James Sieger

  • Stone Deane

  • Cristian Luis Mendoza
    Service Porter

  • Eric Casheba
    Assistant Parts Manager

    Eric is originally from Buffalo, New York and has been living in Atlanta for the past 20 years. He has worked in the automotive industry since 1994 and joined Audi Atlanta in 2002. As one of the leaders of our Parts Department, Eric helps manage each of our Audi Parts Specialists, as well as our parts inventory. In addition, he advises our clients and technicians on the right Audi parts to use during vehicle services. Eric and his wonderful wife have been married for the past 19 years. Together, they enjoy traveling with their 13 and 15-year-old daughters and spending their summers as a family while having fun in the Florida sun. Eric's favorite car is a 1988 Honda CRX.

  • Jeff Owens
    Audi Parts Specialist

    Jeff is a Georgia native who was born and raised just outside of Stone Mountain. He joined Audi Atlanta in 2003. Jeff works as one of our Audi Parts Specialists and advises our clients on the finest parts to keep their vehicle properly maintained over the years. He loves to spend quality time with his two daughters, and together they enjoy visiting the theater to watch live performances and plays. Jeff's favorite car is a 4x4 Chevy Silverado 1500.

  • Kyle Knipfer
    Audi Parts Specialist

    Kyle is an Atlanta native who grew up developing a strong passion for all things automotive.  He has been with Audi Atlanta since 2013. Kyle works as one of our Audi Parts Specialists and provides all of the proper replacement and service parts that a vehicle may need. In addition, he also helps manage our fantastic in-house Audi Boutique and offers an assortment of casual, formal, and athletic Audi lifestyle pieces. Kyle is a skilled photographer and an avid motorcycle enthusiast who enjoys riding his 2009 Yamaha FJR1300 on warm, sunny days.  Kyle's favorite car is the Audi R8 V10 Plus.

  • Tom Goodner
    Audi Parts Specialist

    Tom was originally born in England, raised in Sierra Vista, Arizona, and moved to Atlanta in 1989. He has been working in the automotive industry since 1981 and joined our Audi Family in 2015. Tom works in our Parts Department and handles the dealership's various wholesale parts accounts. He also performs inventory control and advises our Audi Technicians on which parts to use during a vehicle's service. Tom comes from a large family and enjoys spending time with each of his loved ones, including his five children and six grandchildren. He is a dedicated football fan and is an extremely passionate supporter of the Georgia Bulldogs. Tom's favorite car is the Audi A7.

  • Zachari Barnette
    Audi Parts Specialist

    Zach is originally from Memphis, Tennessee and has been living in the Atlanta area since 2002. He has worked in the automotive industry for the past 15 years and joined our Parts Department in 2018. Zach is absolutely obsessed with both cars and motorcycles. He combines this passion with his love of photography by taking photos of his favorite vehicles. Zach enjoys experiencing new types of food, whether that involves going out to exciting restaurants or experimenting in his own kitchen. Zach's favorite car is a Porsche 911 GT3.

  • Victor Williams
    Audi Parts Specialist

  • Taylor Robinson
    Audi Parts Specialist

  • Abraham Kwasi
    Audi Parts Specialist

  • Tony Brown
    Audi Parts Specialist

  • Malik Hudson
    Audi Parts Specialist

  • Anthony Grieco
    Audi Parts Specialist