Small Business Spotlight: Harry’s Pizza and Subs

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Pizza is no doubt one of the most enjoyable foods on the planet. Around 43% of Americans eat pizza at least once a week. Of course there is always the dilemma of which toppings to include on your slice or pie, often becoming a passionate debate as it comes time to order. There are all the different crust options to choose from: pan, thin, regular, stuffed, etc. And then there are differing schools of thought on if some toppings should even be considered by anyone to go on a pizza, pineapples for example.
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Upgrade to the exciting new Audi A8 for sale here at Audi Atlanta

Nowadays, there are plenty of luxury sedans on the market, but none that can hold a candle to the exclusive new Audi A8. This executive luxury sedan has undergone some significant changes in recent years to make it both a better car to drive, and a better car to be chauffeured in. Stop by our Atlanta, GA showroom and you'll see firsthand what makes this luxurious sedan so special.


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Small Business Spotlight: Rox Jewelers


1430 × 955Do you need a wardrobe upgrade? Well, jewelry might be the answer to what's missing in your everyday attire. We had the pleasure to speak with Rakhi Narwani about her jewelry boutique and we would love to share that sparkling information with you.




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