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Audi’s dedication to shaping the future has been coming to light with the introduction of its fully electric vehicles, the Audi e-trons. Now, as Audi works towards 30% electrification by 2025, the portfolio is expanding in the US to include a fleet of plug-in hybrid vehicles with the arrival of the 2021 Audi TFSI e models that are available at Audi Atlanta.
Extraordinary Bang for the Buck
The US line-up of plug-in hybrid consists of the Audi Q5 e, A7 e and A8 e. All are engineered to produce power comparable to its S-model sibling while delivering MPG ratings that double its gas counterpart.  Not only will owners recognize substantial savings at the pump, they will also recognize the federal tax credit of $6,712 bringing the vehicle cost more closely aligned to the lesser priced traditional gas version.
The fleet will afford drivers the choice of accelerating from 0 – 60 at a highly aggressive pace or to drive in nearly silent all-electric mode. Hybrid mode allows the vehicle to blend battery and fuel operation to maximize fuel efficiency. Electric/EV mode uses only the battery power and is perfect for local driving. Battery Hold mode essentially keeps the battery at its current level to ensure availability should it be needed later down the road. Using a 240-volt outlet, the TFSI e models charge from empty to 100% in only 2.4 hours.
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Model Highlights
Leading the charge of 2021 TFSI e models is the hybrid SUV, the Audi Q5 e. Comparable to the Audi SQ5 with 362 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, it combines the efforts of the 2.0-liter TFSI engine with an electric motor. While similar in power to the SQ5, the Q5 e boasts a lower starting price point at $51,900. End result is an EPA-estimated all-electric range of 19 miles and an MPGe rating of 50. Another bragging right of the Audi Q5 hybrid is its ability to drive without direct tailpipe emissions in EV mode.
New to the US, the 2021 A7 e produces 363 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque and comes standard with a seven-speed S tronic transmission and signature quattro® all-wheel drive. The sleek sportback has an EPA –estimated all-electric range of 24 miles and an MPGe rating of 68. Starting MSRP is $74,900 for Premium Plus trim.
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And at the top of the podium is the 2021 A8 e, brought to life by a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 married with an electric motor integrated into the torque converter, producing 443 hp and 516 lb-ft of nearly instantaneous torque. This positions the A8 hybrid with the V8 powered model, but at a lower price point with an MSRP of $95,900. The A8 e includes quattro® all-wheel drive and eight-speed Tiptronic transmission and has an EPA-estimated all-electric range of 18 miles and an MPGe rating of 53. 

Forward Technology
Audi’s TFSI e models continue to impress with features like predictive efficiency assist, keeping the vehicle a step ahead when approaching slower vehicles, downhill slopes, taking curves, knowing speed limits and other variables. The predictive technology reads the vertical profile of the road and modifies vehicle behavior to allow for lower fuel consumption. 
Visual cues are communicated to drivers via the MMI and head-up display noting the best time to let off the accelerator to allow for the most use of kinetic energy. Audi virtual cockpit indicators actively alert drivers to town signs, traffic circles, intersections and highway exits.
Starting with many of the 2021 models, including the Q5 e, Audi is introducing a host of new Generation 3 infotainment technologies. A new chipset results in operations 10 times faster than that of previous Audi hardware. The new Audi connect® Generation 3 service includes basic unlimited Wi-Fi with connectivity for up to eight device and Sirius XM with 360L with more than 10,000 hours of On Demand content. Before powering up the vehicle post-charge, drivers can utilize the myAudi app to heat or cool the interior of the vehicle to their liking.
For your next vehicle, consider an eco-friendly option with the Audi styling and technology you know and love. Any of these new 2021 TFSI e models can be obtained now at Audi Atlanta. Come shop with us! 
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