Keep Your Audi Running at Top Performance with Routine Audi Oil Changes in Atlanta

Ask any grizzled veteran of the car world what the most important auto service is, and most all of them will tell you to check the tires--and make sure to change the oil on time. While the specific interval they recommend may vary, the advice from the people who know best is: change your oil to protect your engine.

Fortunately, you don't need to rely on tips over the fence from neighbors or advice from the regular at the coffee shop--the service techs at Audi Atlanta can help you learn everything you need to know about why oil changes are necessary, when you need your oil changed, and how quality engine oils can improve performance and help your Audi last longer.

Audi Oil Change Service Interval

For normal driving conditions and recent-model-year Audi cars, Audi recommends an oil change interval of 10,000 miles or 1 year--whichever comes first. If you've bought your sedan, coupe, or SUV new, look for the 10K mark (or 12 months after you take delivery) and then follow your schedule from there. If you've purchased a pre-owned Audi from a dealer or from a private sale, you should have received service history documents and can schedule your next service appointment.

If you frequently drive in "Severe" conditions, or if your Audi car is a little older, your recommended oil change schedule will change to fit the needs of the engine. Vehicles driving in extreme temperatures, in excessively dusty or arid regions, or SUVs that are frequently towing heavy loads, all should be considered for a more frequent oil-change schedule to best support your engine.

If you don't have service records, or you drive a different make or a much older model, you can contact the team at Audi Atlanta and we'll help you figure out a sensible maintenance schedule for your vehicle based on your driving habits and the exact specs of your car or SUV.