How Do You Know if Your Ignition Coil is Failing, and What Should You Do?

You may have heard the term "ignition coil" before, but may not be familiar with this small but vital part of your engine. The job of the ignition coil is to create the spark in the spark plugs that ignites the fuel; it does this by converting the battery's low voltage into the thousands of volts needed to create the electric spark in the spark plugs that ignites the fuel. Obviously, this little coil has a pretty big job! So when it begins to fail, there are several issues that you may encounter with your vehicle.

Issues with engine performance are one of the most common signs that an ignition coil may be faulty. A coil that is not functioning properly can lead to issues such as misfires, a rough idle, power and acceleration loss, and reduced gas mileage. Some drivers may even experience their vehicle stalling.

You may notice that the check engine light becomes illuminated. Because the ignition coil is such an important part of your engine, its failure can negatively affect your engine; a common ignition coil failure sign are misfires, and these can trigger the computer to illuminate the check engine light. This light is also triggered if the vehicle's computer senses an issue with the ignition coil or the circuit; typically if a coil burns out or shorts, this will activate the check engine light.  There are also many other issues that could cause this notification, and it's important to get your vehicle to a service center for diagnostic tests immediately.

An ignition coil failure can also lead to a car simply not starting. Some engines have multiple coils for each cylinder, whereas some use a single ignition coil for all of the cylinders. Single ignition coil engines that experience failure will leave the engine without a spark, so the engine will be unable to start at all.

If you notice any of these symptoms or signs that you may need an ignition coil replacement, bring your vehicle to the Audi Atlanta service department, and one of our factory-trained technicians will work quickly to diagnose the problem, replace your ignition coil, and get you back on the road quickly.

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