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“Think Faster”: Audi’s Original AMA Series

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On September 27th, Audi and Reddit partnered together to make history with the first ever live-streamed and in-motion AMA (Ask Me Anything). This two part series showcases the extreme power and handling of the 2018 Audi TT RS while special guest stars answer fans’ questions from the passenger seat.

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The Return of a Classic

When looking for a new car, there are multiple different aspects that stand out to different people. Some buyers look for comfort, some search for capability, and some are more interested in style. For years Audi has had all of these in spades, and continues to constantly impress. However, a select few customers seek out something a bit more elusive; the alluring aspect of speed. Fortunately Audi excels in all of these areas and more, especially in the brand new 2018 TT RS.

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