Vice President Tracie Maloney and General Manager Rob Waggoner were excited to bring back the Audi Atlanta Employee Meeting via video message.  Since our last traditional get together in our shop in spring, we have seen our Audi Atlanta team do incredible things to support our clients and each other as we faced what became months of uncertainty and constant changes.


The team members below were acknowledged for above and beyond efforts to keep our wheels in motion.  In no particular order


Kyle Knipfer · Andrea Drinkard · Davian Quinn · Victoria McCartney · Chris Lee · Bill Bailey · Rich Weinstein · Matt Hunter · De’Andre Holton · Audrey Kotkin · Oscar Leguizamo · Patrick Ellievi · Jon Kaldes · Paul Johnson · Gunter Reichert · Chani Smith · Andrew Clark · George Katergaris · Jason Dancy · Bill Patel · Justin Lloyd


In addition, we took this time to announce official Employees of the Month for March, April and May.


Our sincerest appreciation goes to Bill Patel, a true Audi Atlanta veteran.  Bill spent his entire work week sanitizing and re-sanitizing every touch surface in our dealership, from desktops and desk phones to handrails and elevator buttons.  The health and safety of our staff and clients was in Bill’s good hands.


Congratulations to Justin Lloyd who, as always, kept the needs of his clients first with at home deliveries and virtual demos. He was on the front lines most days every customer interaction a positive experience.


And we are genuinely grateful to Jason Dancy for keeping our loaner department operational.  Jason did an exceptional job adapting to serving our clients with disinfected vehicles from our client’s remote locations.

Well done team Audi Atlanta.  When the days got a little dark, you all really shined!
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