Audi is known for its exceptional style. The Audi A4, a popular compact luxury car here in Atlanta, GA, is certainly an example of this. Let's take a look at a couple of the design features that help set this sedan apart.

Bright and incredibly long-lasting LED taillights are standard for the Audi A4. Also available is an animation feature. With this, the taillights illuminate in a special sequence when you unlock your vehicle. They also say can say goodbye when you lock up.

The front of the vehicle is equally as impressive. Standard for the A4 are brilliant LED headlights. Once again, you can opt for impressive LED headlights featuring animation. Either way, the headlights are bright enough to light up your field of vision at night. These design features, along with many others, can be seen when you visit us here at Audi Atlanta for a test drive of the Audi A4!

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