Driver Assistance Technology In The Audi A7

If a large luxury car is what you are looking for, you need to take a look at the Audi A7 available at Audi Atlanta located in Atlanta, GA. The Audi A7 has a luxurious interior that can seat up to five adult passengers. The A7 also comes equipped with important technology to assist you while driving.

One of the driver assistance technologies found in the Audi A7 is the Pre-Sense 360 System. This system consists of several sensors and monitors that check all around the vehicle for possible dangers. This technology can help to prevent accidents and injuries.

The Audi A 7 also features all-wheel steering. On most cars, only the front wheels turn. On the Audi A7, the back wheels can turn at lower speeds to help with cornering. The back wheels can even turn in the opposite direction of the front wheels to help reduce the turn radius on tight corners.

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