From Colors To Oil Changes

Although motor oil is an essential fluid for your car, there are a few myths that are associated with it as well. You've likely heard that if your oil is dark, then it needs to be changed. When the oil begins cleaning your motor, it can quickly turn darker, which means that the fluid is doing what it's supposed to do in your car.

While it is important to have someone at Audi Atlanta regularly change your oil, you might not need to change it every 3,000 miles as you've been told. Most newer vehicles don't need an oil change until about 5,000 miles after one has been performed. If you use synthetic oil, then you can sometimes wait a little longer.

After using synthetic oil in your car, you might think that you can't use conventional oil again. However, it's quite easy for you to change back to another type of oil after having the fluid changed in Atlanta. Synthetic oils often have conventional oil in them.


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