Jim Ellis Audi Atlanta Provides Information on the Audi CrossTown Coupe Concept

If you have a minute, view some interesting insights in to the new Audi CrossTown Coupe Concept. It doesn’t look like a traditional Audi, does it? Well, that's exactly the idea automotive designer Theophilus Chin had in mind when he virtually designed the vehicle.

The Audi CrossTown Coupe is a virtual concept car that's an evolution of the previous Crosslane Coupe concept Audi showed off last year at the Paris Motor Show. While Audi has seen its fair share of coupes and convertibles, this concept throws in a new bod ystyle hybrid – the truck. Though we'll likely never see it in production form, it is an interesting design study for the brand. The funny part is, it doesn't look much like a coupe, as its name would indicate. It is, however, built on a car platform and features two doors, as many coupe models do.

Would many car buyers be interested in ultra-unique vehicles such as this? Perhaps that's Audi's angle for the project- to see exactly how innovative it can go in terms of design while still engaging its particular brand audience.

What is your opinion of this ‘out there’ Audi concept? Jim Ellis Audi Atlanta would love to know, so feel free to leave us a comment here on our blog. You can explore our full line-up of Audi models that are currently in production at our Atlanta location. Our wide selection of new Audi models is sure to please, and we'll be happy to set you up with your unique test drive in your favorite model.

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