Innovative Audi Brand Continues Race Toward the Top

The battle for the world's top-selling luxury auto brand is getting seriously intense. Currently, the main contenders- Audi and BMW- have overtaken Mercedes-Benz in terms of sales as these three brands seek to appeal to affluent "trendy" buyers in key global markets such as the U.S., Germany, Asia, and the Americas.


So, what secret does Audi apparently know? The company knows it should target young buyers! As brands like Mercedes-Benz are starting to look a bit stale, Audi brings a new kind of luxury, and it's extremely appealing.


It is worth noting that Audi has lost a few consumers on its way to the top. As new Audi vehicles become more luxurious than ever, prices have risen a bit. As the company's U.S. chief, Scott Keogh, explains, when demand was lower and the brand was just starting out, "[O]ur prices used to be lower." Now the brand is hot, the models are more impressive, and prices have gone up. But, what it really boils down to, as Keogh states, is: "It could be some of those earlier buyers weren't true Audi drivers."1


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