Audi Shows off Strong Sales for May

The new Audi models are flying off our Atlanta lot and across the country. Sales for our new luxury models have risen in the last month ending in a great overall month of May for the German Automaker.

Last month the brand boasted a 6.4 percent increase in overall sales for the brand from the year previous and amount to a total of 137,200 units sold.

Audi gurus such as, Board of Management Member for Sales at Audi AG, Luca de Meo, recognize that the European market has been a challenging one to have a presence in, as of late. And being a European automaker one would presume Audi to be struggling with these challenges, right?

Well actually, despite some market hiccups, to which not even popular brands are impervious, Audi had such substantial growth in other regions, that the European hindrance passed without too much incident for the automaker. That doesn't mean that US sales were down, though, as Audi saw significant gains here. For May in the US sales ended in 15.0 percent increase, year-over-year, and 17.9 percent for the entire North American continent.

Total U.S. deliveries for the May amounted to 13,228 units. These distributions were primarily composed of such new Audi models as the A5 which boasted a sales total of 1,872 models and a 48.1 percent jump.

While we're certainly ecstatic to hear this news, we're not surprised. Come in to our dealership to see why so many new car buyers are choosing Audi. We look forward to seeing how well the automaker performs in the next coming months. For more news stay tuned to our Audi blog.

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