Audi Prepares to Test Autonomous-Driving System

Many automakers are working in infotainment systems that will distract drivers less with certain features. These are admirable efforts, but really only serve as a bandage to briefly address a problem that requires a permanent solution. Audi has likely discovered the solution making driving systems that don't require any human input.


At a glance, this might seem like a recipe for disaster, but it's one with a proven track record. Google recently created a self-driving car that has logged countless accident-free miles. Don't be too worried, in case of an emergency it does require a driver with a wheel to take action. Nevertheless, the result thus far has been a driving experience that does not require 100 percent of your attention, and that's something Audi can't help but notice.


Given this, Audi is piloting parking and driving programs. Aimed at automating the more tedious tasks of driving, such as navigating stop-and-go traffic and fitting into tight parking spots, Audi envisions the system to serve a similar purpose to the autopilot function used in commercial airliners.


Of course these features are a little way off from being available on our new Audi lineup that Jim Ellis Audi Atlanta offers. Today, we're happy to say it may not be as far off as you might imagine.


This speculation comes hot off the heels of Audi being granted a permit to test its new range of technologies in Nevada - one of the few states in the country to legalize autonomous driving.


Stay tuned, there will definitely be more information to come. You can subscribe to our blog or visit us at 5901 Peachtree Industry Blvd in Atlanta with any questions. We're constantly updating our Audi blog.

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