Audi Swarm Taillight Concept Adds New Depth to Stop-and-Go Traffic

Here at Jim Ellis Audi Atlanta, we love bringing you the latest news concerning the new Audi lineup we offer at 5901 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Sometimes, however, we also enjoy giving you a glimpse of things to come.


Today's post on our Audi blog most definitely pertains to the latter more than the former.


Audi is currently developing a new system of advanced taillights that could prevent accidents by relaying information regarding a driver's maneuvering in real time. Nicknamed the Swarm, the impressive array of OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) can flicker in the blink of an eye and shift from one color to another in order to create the illusion of motion.


Seem like it could be a bit dizzying?


In its current form, we'd say it most certainly is. Audi is currently showing off the Swarm with a mesmerizing pattern that flows almost like a river. It's honestly not that hard to get caught up in the hypnotic flow after mere seconds of viewing the Swarm in action.


Entertaining at a glance, but it's not the true purpose Audi envisions the Swarm serving. As we said, the name of the game with the Swarm is safety. And there are a seemingly endless number of ways Audi could use it enhance models like the A4, Q5 or R8.


One idea that quickly came to our Audi parts experts: pressure-sensitive brake lights.


Have an idea of your own?


We'd love to hear how you think the Swarm could be used to make driving safer on the roads of Sand Springs, North Atlanta & Decatur. Feel free to leave us a comment below, and we'll read it over.

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