Audi Announces Big Investment on Product Expansion

Audi is well on it's way to becoming the top dog in the luxury segment. Our favorite automaker has big plans to add 11 models to it's line-up, and achieve over 2 million unit sales in a calendar year. With such a lofty goal, Jim Ellis Audi Atlanta is sure that Audi has a strategic plan to get there. A recent Audi announcement confirms that. Specifically, Audi plans to invest $30.3 billion dollars (22 billion euros) in to product expansion through 2018.

Where is all of that money going?

About 70% of this investment is planned to go in to new model and technology development. This should help Audi build up to 60 different model offerings - they currently have 49 variations. A new Audi SUV is expected to make its way to our Atlanta Audi showroom floors in 2016. The third-generation TT is also going to make an appearance next year. And of course the big news is the upcoming release of the all-new Audi A3 range, pictured below.

If you have any questions about the future of Audi, feel free to discuss it with us over a test drive. The next few years will be fast-paced and a thrill for Audi, so make sure to subscribe to our blog to get all the latest news and updates. The folks at Jim Ellis Audi Atlanta are dedicated to keeping you informed.


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