New Audi RS7 and RS5 Cabriolet On Their Way to the U.S.

Maybe you've heard the rumors about new RS models that are set to come from our favorite automaker's performance arm. What we do know is that these amped-up sporty racing machines will certainly make their way to Europe, enthusiasts have been trying to figure out exactly which variants will make it to our United States market and when.


Well, Jim Ellis Audi is pleased to shed a bit of light. Many concrete details still remain foggy but our new Audi experts confirm the following reports:

  • The new RS6 Avant, with its station wagon body, will not be available in the Atlanta area and beyond as the boxy, elongated auto shape doesn't have a record of selling well amongst U.S. consumers
  • Audi drivers can expect to see the new RS7 four-door available in our market at some point late 2013 or early 2014. What's more, industry purveyors indicate that the RS7 will make an initial debut even earlier than thought at the Detroit Auto Show in January
  • The new RS5 Cabriolet has also been given the green light for American consumers and will be complete with both a classy convertible exterior and impressive sporty drive
  • Finally, a mysterious SUV-shaped RS model remains to be detailed. Several sources suspect that this auto just might have a U.S.-bound future as well

Want to know the rest of the details? So do we. Stay tuned and our Atlanta team will send the latest details your way as they come.

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